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Weinwandern Fränkisches Weinland

The Homburger Kallmuth is one of the top vineyards in Franconia and is even counted among the best vineyards in the world by experts, including the English wine pope Hugh Johnson. This is thanks to the interplay of particularly favorable geological and climatic features. Here in the border area between Main Franconia and Spessart, shell limestone overlays the red sandstone and thus ensures a soil structure that is unique in Franconia. The exposed, concave mirror-like location of the Kallmuth in a bend in the Main, its steep terraces with up to 70 percent inclination and its 20-kilometer-long dry stone walls, which serve as heat storage, all together ensure an almost southern microclimate. In addition to the wine, some rare plant and animal species also benefit from this, which is why a part of the steep slope is under nature protection.

Cultural Sector
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