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Parcul natural Schwalm-Nette

The Schwalm-Nette Nature Park on the Lower Rhine is dominated by water. The rivers Schwalm, Rur, Niers and Nette as well as backwaters, oxbow lakes, wetlands and quarry ponds all provide important habitats for animals and plants, not to mention wonderful recreation areas for visitors.

The “Wasser.Blicke” (water views) project was set up to show certain bodies of water in their best light. Around two dozen marked look-out points show visitors where they can admire particularly scenic views. Instead of signs, however, the views are marked by blue plates on the ground so as not to spoil the landscape. Visitors who wish to find out more about the nature park can access further information at the look-out points via a QR code or by phone. The bird hide by the Nette, for example, provides facts about bitterns, and visitors can even hear a recording of their call – if they have not been able to hear it in the wild.

Sectorul cultural
Burg Brüggen Nature Park Information Centre
 Burgwall 4 41379 Brüggen