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Philharmonics Berlin

The Philharmonie Berlin has been the musical heart of Berlin since 1963. When it opened, it was still on the outskirts of West Berlin, but after reunification it became part of the new urban center. Its unusual, tent-like shape and its bright yellow color make it one of the city's landmarks. Its unusual architecture and the new conception of the concert hall sparked controversy at first, but it has now served as a model for concert halls all over the world. "One person in the face of another, reached in circles, in a mighty swinging arc around the striving crystal pyramid." As early as 1920, the architect Hans Scharoun noted these words as a vision for the ideal theater space. From this idea he developed the Great Hall of the Philharmonic 35 years later, in which the podium with the musicians forms the center.

Cultural Sector
Berliner Philharmonie Herbert-von-Karajan-Str. 1 10785 Berlin