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Bauhaus Museum Weimar

The sites chosen for the Grand Tour of Modernism also represent the unique intersection of the Bauhaus and modernism. A particular focus is placed on the 1920s in the Weimar Republic, when cities and municipalities provided a significant stimulus through the commission of a variety of constructions, contributing in this way to the spread of New Objectivity.
With the buildings selected for the Grand Tour of Modernism, we are effectively creating a network that spans the nation, with many intersections, not only in the big cities and not only in the places where the Bauhaus was immediately located, but also in the periphery and away from the major streets.

Antje Horn ­| project lead T +49 (0)3643 545 495 E Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar gGmbH Project: Grand Tour of Modernism Steubenstraße 15 99423 Weimar