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Die Gustavsburg in Jägersburg

In 1590, Count Palatine Johann I had the medieval moated castle in the original Hattweiler, a Franconian settlement founded in the 8th century, converted into a castle. The settlement and castle were renamed Hansweiler after him.

In 1622 a tower was built for better guarding and defense. Instead of the castle that burned down in the Thirty Years War, a residential building with barn and stables was built under Duke Friedrich Ludwig in 1666.

Duke Gustav Samuel Leopold von Zweibrücken had a chapel built in 1720 and the current residential building in 1721 and named the castle Gustavsburg. The ducal coat of arms reminds of this. After the French Revolution, forester Christian Lindemann from Neuheisel bought the palace at auction in 1803.

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