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Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana and the Archeological Museum

Would you like to step back in time for real? Go to Sarmizegetusa, the village built on the ruins of the Roman capital of Dacia province: Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa!

Here you can visit the ruins of some buildings of the old fortress-town: temples, workshops, amphitheatres and the forum. Or you could take a walk through the village and spot, through the courtyards of the local people, traces of the walls that used to surround the ancient town.

You will see fragments of Roman ruins set in the walls of the houses, wells, fortresses and churches. And this is not only in Sarmizegetusa. Everywhere in Țara Hațegului, the buildings abandoned after the Roman retreat became a generous source of building material for the locals.

1 Sarmizegetusa, Hunedoara county