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Răchitova Tower

Not only can you admire the surroundings from a scenic viewpoint, but you can also see the ruins of the medieval fortress from here.

As in the case of other fortifications erected by the noblemen in the area, in Răchitova a stone tower (keep) was built first. In time, other fortresses in Țara Hațegului were consolidated with defensive walls. But the noble family in Răchitova, financially weakened by internal conflicts, could not afford this.

This is why the tower here was surrounded by a ditch (moat) and a raised earthwork (motte) as well as a stakewall (palisade). This was made of very strong hewn logs driven into the ground, which looked more like a fence than a fortification wall. Some of the walls of the keep have survived to this day.

One can even notice the traces of the moat and the motte.

Răchitova, Hunedoara county