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The Geopark House

The main hero is Balaur bondoc, a dinosaur specie from Transylvania, and the story of its discovery and creation. The reconstruction was done by Brian Cooley and Mary Ann Wilson, internationally-renowned paleoartists.

The Fragrant Time Garden – this is a space that builds on the Balauri, Dragons and Dinosaurs exhibition and presents the local geo- and phytodiversity from an educational perspective. It is dedicated to school students and tourists, as well as visually impaired people. The Time Alley, The Herb Garden and Grandma’s Garden make use of all the senses in order to make visitors understand the diversity of nature and the connection between people, nature and the Earth. A collection of rocks from Țara Hațegului and seeds from The Fragrant Time Garden, and not only, is exhibited in a ”treasury” which represents the starting point to various formal and non-formal education activities. Both the garden and the treasury were created with the support of the Foundation for Partnership and MOL Romania.

9A Libertății st., Hațeg, Hunedoara county