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Poiana Stampei Interpretation Trail

The interpretation trail was laid out along an older hiking trail set up by Romsilva, which includes a wooden boardwalk crossing the peat bog. The boardwalk is 800 m long and ensures easy access to the fascinating world of the peat bog. As a warning, due to the age of the boardwalk and to excessive dampness, it needs constant repairs and might not always be in perfect condition. The peat bog is a type of marsh where peat accumulates – a soil very rich in plant-derived organic matter, very weakly decomposed, due to the lack of oxygen. That is why the plants growing here are special, more precisely the lack of nutrients inhibits their growth. The interpretative panels posted along the boardwalk provide important information, so that visitors can understand the unique world of the peat bog: how it was formed, what animals and plants can be found here and why it is important to keep peat bogs as they are. An 800 m long boardwalk crosses the forest, amongst pines, moss, ferns and cranberry shrubs. Every now and then, you will encounter panels with photos and information about the specific flora and fauna.

Cultural Sector
Poiana Stampei, Suceava county