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Akarattya High Beach

"Akarattya High Beach - Benches with nice views, with nice caffee ""The Rusty Coffee Box"" Balatonakarattya’s High Shore, also known as Kisfaludy sétány or Tengerlátópart, is one of the most beautiful natural observation points in Balaton’s eastern basin.
The High Shore of Balatonakarattya offers a breathtaking view. You can see the shore of Balatonkenese, Fűzfő Bay, Balatonalmádi, Káptalanfüred, and all the hotels of Balatonaliga, Balatonvilágos and Siófok from this 50- to 60-metre-high vantage point. The remains of the 400-year-old Rákóczi elm tree are also located here: according to urban legend, the historic Hungarian nobleman tied his horse to it. A young elm was planted in its place in 2005 by the local council. The entire promenade was revamped with benches and plants in the past couple of years, so now visitors can enjoy the beautiful view in a pleasant environment.

Cultural Sector
Brassó u. 4-2 Balatonkenese, 8172