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Visegrad Citadel

Located to the north of the capital city on the enchanting Danube Bend, Visegrád Citadel (Fellegvár) was built on a hilltop which affords stunning views over the countryside. The people of the time would have certainly seen why this was an ideal place to build. Apart from the fact that the region offers numerous hiking and cycling opportunities, visitors can also take a river cruise to Esztergóm or Budapest. An exhibit with figurines in the citadel depicts how people lived in earlier times. But the ruins can also be very picturesque as well. In 1325, Charles I moved his residence to Visegrád, and the castle at Visegrád was already a symbol for regional cooperation by the year 1335. As the seat of the Hungarian king, the location was the site of a meeting between the kings of Poland, Bohemia and Hungary at the time. They agreed to cooperate closely in the areas of politics and trade, thereby inspiring their successors in the 1990s to make the region part of the EU.

Visegrád, Fő u. 31, 2025