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Sidirokastro Thermal Springs

The thermal springs of Sidirokastro are known from the Byzantine years. They were in use during the Turkish occupation, they are mentioned by Elvias Celebi, who passed through them in 1667. Also, in 1886 they are mentioned in the Travel Notes of Nikolaos Schoinas. The thermal thermo-mineral waters are proposed as a means of treatment for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The baths have a renovated hydrotherapy center with a traditional group bath of the hammam type that was recently renovated. The water temperature is 40-42 degrees Celsius almost constant. There are also 3 SpaForm pools with group hydromassage and temperature controlled air massages, as well as 15 modern individual baths with hydromassage and temperature control.

Cultural Sector
6th km of Sidirokastro-Promachonas, Sidirokastro 62300 +30 23230 22422