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Domaine Skouras

George Skouras, originated from Argos, after studying oenology in France and working in wineries both there and in Italy and Greece, started his own wine-producing unit, Domaine Skouras, initially at Gymno, Nemea (this was in the 80’s). In 2004 he created the winery he has today, in Malandreni, a village in the northwest of Argos, also within the PDO Nemea wine zone. While it has state of the art equipment, the least possible interventions are made for the production of wine in Domaine Skouras both in viticulture and winemaking. On the outside, Domaine Skouras has a unique architecture, resembling a traditional French winery (chateaux) while inside it is modern and is one of the most interesting wine tourism wineries in Greece.

Cultural Sector
10th km Argos-Sternas – 212 00, Malandreni, Argolida +30 27510 23688