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Alive Museum of Porcelain in Ćmielów

The small town of Ćmielów in the powiat of Ostrowiec is famous for the best quality porcelain produced there. Galleries in New York, Chicago, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow and in other European capitals are proud owners of porcelain masterworks from Ćmielów, which in the 1960’s were a huge world success.
In 2005 on the premises of the former Świt Porcelain Manufacturing Company the “Alive Museum of Porcelain” was established. It differs from other institutions of the type. Apart from exhibitions of period statuettes, one may also participate in the process of porcelain manufacturing and even make a porcelain work oneself.

Cultural Sector
ul. Sandomierska 243 27-440 Ćmielów Phone/fax.: +48 15 861 20 21