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The Holy Cross Mountains Geopark

Centre for Geo-Education – a state-funded entity – was established and named Geopark Kielce. At present, it comprises an active network of geotourist and educational facilities, situated within the areas of Wietrznia, Kadzielnia and Ślichowice, together with the Botanical Garden , which is currently at the initial stage of development. The former limestone quarries – today’s geological reserves and leisure grounds, located within city limits are an excellent base in which to carry out projects in geotourism and geological education. In May 2012 was opened The Centre of Geoeducation, which is a part of Geopark Kielce. The Centre together with the Zbigniew Rubinowski Wietrznia Reserve is an extraordinary geotouristic place situated in the Holy Cross Archeo – Geological Trail. Here, through nature and play, you can learn about the history of the Earth inscribed in rocks.
In the Center of Geoeducation:
- you will see the bottom of the devonian sea and the unusual organisms which lived there
- you will meet the greatest predator of the devonian sea – the armoured fish
- you will go on a fascinating time travel in the 5D simulator
- you will visit virtual cave.

Cultural Sector
Daleszycka 21, 25-202 Kielce, Poland