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Józef Żak Open-air Museum in Zawoja Markowa

The museum is a typical place of Babia Góra highlanders folk culture in southern Malopolska region. Józef Żak Open-air Museum in Zawoja was established in 1973. The most precious building of this small museum, located in the outskirts of Babia Góra National Park, is a chimneyless cabin of Franciszek Stopniak, built in 1802-1815 of fir and spruce logs on a low stone foundation with a cellar, and covered with a gable shingle roof. The exhibition also presents a cottage of Franciszek Kudzia (erected in 1900, preserved in its original location) and a cottage of Stefan Gancarczyk (1910). Apart from typical peasants’ dwellings there are also a smithy, a detached granary with a small cellar and a wayside shrine with the figure of Our Lady in the collection. The oldest cabin has been transformed into an ethnographic exhibition showing furniture and household equipment used by peasants, whereas the cottage of Franciszek Kudzia houses an exhibition presenting the history of tourism in the Carpathian mountains.

Cultural Sector
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