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Cyprus Handicrafts Centre

The store houses fine handicrafts that cover all sub-sectors of traditional handicrafts . It exhibits and offers labarotories on Cypriot Embroidery products (Lefkaritika, Athenian, Moditika, lace, crochet, cross stitch etc.); traditional textiles (the Karpasitika, Lefkonitziatika, Fythkiotika); laboratory and exhibition of traditional wood carving; Pottery and Ceramics (terracotta, glazed, Byzantine etc.); Artistic Metalwork derived from the Coppersmith art and depict mosaics of the Archaeological Museum of Kourion and Paphos; Fencing and General Crafts (made by the stems of a special variety of wheat, as well as batik, macrame, mosaics, frames with silk cocoons and other small crafts); leather-modern laboratory; and of traditional constume design (traditional karpasitiki, pafitiki, vraka and zimbouni constumes).

Cultural Sector
Athalassas Ave 186, Nicosia 2025