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Dobogókő Lookout Tower

Many myths surround the chakras, spiritual strength and energies of Dobogókő, but there’s more reason to visit this hallowed site than a positive start to the New Year. From its 700-metre-high vantage point, the highest peak in the Visegrád hills, the panorama is stunning, and you can also take smaller or larger round trips around the peak, the shortest being the two-kilometre Thirring körút marked by yellow signs. The first tourist lodging in Hungary was established here, and at weekends, hikers await other hikers with cauldrons of hot soup, chimney cake and hot chocolateUsing public transport, it’s best to take the forest path to Pilisszentkereszt following the blue signs, returning to Pomáz from the village by the same bus you came on.

Cultural Sector
Dömös, 2027